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The ACW Project

A couple of years ago I bought two boxes of Perry ACW Infantry. They sat in my lead/plastic pile for a long time. After starting to paint some Victrix and Perry Napoleonics I became a bit daunted and so took out the ACW's.

I have now managed to paint four boxes of the plastic infantry figures, half as federals and half as rebs. I like to have paired armies, then I can play games at home with no need for anybody to bring along figures.

Here are a few pictures of my first brigade of confederates:

I am planning to use "They can't Hit an Elephant..." from Too Fat Lardies.

I have painted some brigadiers and will post pictures soon. Next on the list are some Perry artillery for both sides, then some confederate cavalry and lots more infantry.

The plan is to have about 40 stands (4 figs each) of infantry, two brigadiers, 1 divisional commander, 2 or 3 guns and a 6 stand cavalry regiment (of 2 figures each with separate dismounted stands) for both sides. Hopefully I can get this…

Painting Valiant US Infantry

Last month's Wargames illustrated came with a sprue of Valiant GI's. I have already painted up a box of these lovely figures and some more were very welcome. The sprue has 16 figures. I assembled them and decided to try and paint them to a good wargame standard as quickly as possible. I took pictures as I went along.

First off I spray painted them with Humbrol Dark Brown (29). The aim here was to start from a shade that was in keeping with the uniform as a whole.

Next I painted the jacket and gaiters in GW Foundation Deneb Stone, followed by GW Foundation Talarn Flesh.

Next the helmet was painted with Revell Olive Green (35) and the trousers with Revell Olive Brown (86)

The metal parts of the M1 rifle were painted with GW Foundation Charandon Granite whilst the shoes, scabbard and wooden M1 parts were painted GW Foundation Calthan brown.

The whole figure was washed with GW Washes Devlan Mud

16 Figures took under 2 hours, I would say about 10 an hour. Standard - will not win any priz…

Uncharted Seas and Salute

Last Saturday we went to Salute. After a horrible journey involving 10 changes of public transport (from one side of London to the other, should only have been 4) arrive 2.5 hours late. Show seemed smaller than usual (or in a bigger space?).

Shopping involved some Victrix French, 1st Corps Roman and Celtic generals, Valiant Germans in Normandy and some Celt cavalry from Magister Militum. Final purchase of the day was a copy of Uncharted Seas and two starter fleets.

I managed to play a full game of Lost Battles. This is an ancient battle simulation system that I have been looking at for some tims, I have had the book for over a year now. This was my first chance to play. The game was Zama, I played the Romans (with alot of help). The Romans won after moving Masinissa's Numidians around the Carthaginian right flank and passing three rally tests. I enjoyed the game alot and I will try to use the system more.

The big hit for me and Charlie has been Uncharted Seas. I started painting the …

Wargames Factory Celts

Here are a few shots of my first stand of Wargames Factory Celts for Impetus. This particular group are intended as Roman Auxiliaries so they have Roman sheilds and have all turned up fully dressed. In Impetus they do not have any of the ferocity of their "wild" brethren so I tried to reflect this in their appearance.

Painting is a simple block and GW wash. I experimented with a mid-brown undercoat on these guys and on some of them I applied the wash directly. I am still trying to make up my mind if I like the way it looks.

It's been a while

I have been feeling a bit guilty about not blogging for a while so here are a few items :-)

I am well into painting my second box of Wargames Factory Romans. When done I will have 8 units of legionarii for Impetus. Hopefully the Wargames Factory Celts will ship in the next week or two. I have two boxes on order. As these look to be less dynamic than my Warlord Games Celts I plan to use some of them to make Ligurian Auxilia for my Romans. The idea is that these guys will look more sober and ordered than the wild Celts from further north.

Charlie (13) and I have constructed a home made "Space Hulk" set from bits found on the Internet and some Plastic 40K models. This has been great fun. Rumour is that GW are re-releasing the game this year so may get that one. In the same vein I downloaded the Incursion beta rules tonight. Similar idea to Space Hulk in an underground WWWII setting. Looks interesting.

Finally for now. Just played a "refight" of Issus with the lad. We use…

WW II Skirmish

We played a small WW II skirmish game this afternoon. Used a set of rules called "Achtung, Achtung" that I picked up at Salute in 2004. They fit onto 6 sides of A4.

The rules use a card activation system that removes the usual IGOUGO sequence. Each unit (Squad/vehicle) has two cards, each side has a "wild card" and a joker is added to the pack. Units are activated as cards are exposed, the joker causes a reshuffle of the deck.

The game was US vs German - 1944. Started off with 2 US armoured infantry squads in M3 half tracks tasked to check out a ruined house. The house contained an MG42 and a nearby wood held a german infantry squad. As the half tracks moved towards the house a tank appeared. I placed a Tiger model on the table. At its first activation my son rolled a dice to determine what actual tank type it was (all German tanks are Tigers !). He actually got a Panther. It rolled forward and promptly broke down (dice roll per move for Tigeras and Panthers, break d…