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The Wargames Room

Most wargamers long for a place to call their own, the Wargames room. I now have mine. It is not strictly speaking mine, I have to share it with the kids, but its pretty close.

I have a good sized space in my recently converted garage, with a table and plenty of storage.

The table is made up of two 6 foot trestle tables from Amazon. They are very sturdy and a bit wider than I expected at 2 foot six each.

On the table is a solo game using Black Powder and my 28mm ACW figures. These are a mix of Perry, Sash and Saber, Redoubt, Crusader and just a few Foundry.

The game ended in a draw. Both sides had a brigade break in the same turn. With the stats I use for ACW with Black Powder the games are pretty attritional. Units tend to blaze away at each other trying to do enough damage to make a charge worth-while. (I lower the hand to hand value to 5).

Next step. Play some real games in the new room.