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Frosted toys

Yesterday I sprayed three 28mm ECW figures with GW Purity Seal Satin Varnish. They looked great.

Now I usually avoid sprays because I have had disasters with frosted figures. I used the spray because I was in a hurry.

Today I sprayed another 13 figures. They frosted! Same can of spray, same shaking, sprayed in same place (outside).

Today is more humid - so that must be the issue.

I managed to fix the figures. Here's how.

First I brushed on some Daler-Rowney Soluble gloss varnish.

When the figures were dry I brushed on Windsor and Newton Galleria Matt Varnish

Worked brilliantly with no frosting.

The picture shows the result.

Now I need to base them up.

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Roman and Punics on Parade

I had the table out for a game last night. This morning I thought that I would get a visual representation of how my Punic wars armies are coming on. So here are some pictures.



A few close-ups

Republican Romans

Just a few pictures of my Renegade Republican Romans.

Velites - two small units for Hail Caesar

Two more units of Velites

Two of Hastati

More Hastati

Two Principes

The other two Principes

One of the two units of Triarii

Small unit of Equites

More Equites

The whole lot. Javelinmen in front are from Crusader.

Overview shot.

Hope you like them.

Carthaginians so far

Attached some shots of my 28mm Carthaginians. Figures are mostly Renegade. The Elephant is from Aventine. Slingers and Numidians from various manufacturers.

Bases will be finished when I have most of the army painted.

Spanish infantry. I am building the army for Hail Caesar. Standard units will be 160mm wide. Medium infantry will be 12 figures per unit. Heavy infantry will have 16 figures.

I will add some shield transfers later.

The army so far. I can add a good horde of Celts and I have two more units of North African Infantry to paint.

Current Projects

Not updated this for ages.

Just thought I would pop in a quick update on what I am working on.

Carthaginians - I have almost enough to play a game with. These are 28mm renegade figures and I am really pleased with how they look. I will try to post some pictures soon. They will match up against my Republican Romans.

Wars of the Roses is coming along very slowly. I have half painted the horses from the fantastic Perry plastic set.

I have been working very hard on these. I now have a credible army and they have had some outings in "Pike and Shotte" games.