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Soldiers of God Test Game Part Two

My solo game of "Soldiers of God" continued last night. (Part One here). I documented every move, took lots of photos etc. I left it open in the Blogger app on the iPad. This morning it was all gone - MUST HIT SAVE !!!!

So in this post I will do a little write up on my thoughts on the rules.

I found that noting down every detail (as in part one) was a brilliant way to learn the rules. As I was sharing my game on the blog I felt the need to be precise so I checked each action. I think I got just about everything right. Playing Solo isn't the same as having a real opponent but it does let you take your time.
The Book

Handy A5 format. Lots of nice pictures and an Index. I couldn't find some things in the Index so not 100%, but it had most things. There is a very brief historical section, the main rules, scenarios, mini campaign, army lists and siege rules. The QRS and army roster are printed at the back just before the Index. I made up my own QRS and rosters on the comp…

Soldiers of God Test Game Part One

A week ago I bought a copy of "Soldiers of God" by Warwick Kinrade. This is my first solo game with the rules.

I selected two 150 point armies. The Crusaders had:
One 3 stand unit of holy order Knights Two 2 stand units of Knights Two 3 stand units of crossbows (2 units is not strictly legal but I don't have crusader archers yet) Two 4 stand units of men at arms (foot) One 2 stand unit of Turcopoles 3 Commanders
The rules put these into 3 "battles"
The Saracens had:
Four 3 stand units of horse archers Two 3 stand units of Ghulums Two 4 stand units of Adath (militia  spears) Two 4 stand units of archers One 2 stand unit of Arab Tribal Cavalry Two mounted commanders and one on foot Again in three "battles"
This was the deployment:

Note the cards, these drive the game.
Three cards are allocated to each side to denote their battle plan. These are allocated one per battle and they stay with that battle for the game.
As I was playing solo I selected the bat…

28mm "Saracen" Cavalry Comparison

I have taken a couple of photos to compare some of the "Saracen" cavalry that I have.]

From Left to Right: GB Plastic, GB Plastic, Perry, Perry, GB Metal, GB Metal

From Left to Right: GB Metal, GB Metal, GB Plastic, GB Plastic, Perry, Perry
From Left to Right: GB Plastic, GB Plastic, Perry, Perry
As you can see they mix well.

Waterloo 200 Game

OK it's the 200th anniversary, so I have to give it a go.

Problem - no figures and no time.

Answer - Paper.

So I found some top-down images of every unit at Waterloo on the Junior general site:

Just look for those labelled as "Battle of Waterloo".

I printed them all out (25 or so sheets of A4 and a full ink cartridge). Laminated and cut out.

Here is an idea of what they look like on the table:

Buildings are quick assemblies of those in Miniature Wargames 386. Not that well put together, but throw-away.
Next problem is rules. There are hundreds of elements, I want to play this in 2-3 hours with two players, so about 30% of real time. That means really simple quick rules. 
I have written a one page set that I will try.

Will try to do a report on how it goes.

The rules Cannae take it ... well actually they can.

I recently bought a set of rules called "To The Strongest!" by Simon Miller (BigRedBatCave). Myself and my good friend Stuart tried them out.

I set up a Cannae style battle of Romans and Carthaginians. The thinking being that if a set of rules can "do Cannae" they must be OK.

 Overview, Romans on the right
 Latin Cavalry  Roman Cavalry  The Legions  Punic and Spanish Cavalry with Punic heavy foot behind  Numidian cavalry with more Punic foot Gauls and Spanish in the centre
No points were used, I just laid out two armies that looked about right.

To the Strongest! uses a grid for movement and weapon ranges. I marked mine out with little green sticky disks bought in W H Smith. My grid was built with six inch squares (rules suggest 150mm but 6" is close and quicker to measure out with my ruler). Units have to fit into the boxes, I went with a unit frontage of 120mm for foot and 100mm for horse. My foot figures are on 40mm Squares so three to a unit. Cavalry on 25X…