Uncharted Seas and Salute

Last Saturday we went to Salute. After a horrible journey involving 10 changes of public transport (from one side of London to the other, should only have been 4) arrive 2.5 hours late. Show seemed smaller than usual (or in a bigger space?).

Shopping involved some Victrix French, 1st Corps Roman and Celtic generals, Valiant Germans in Normandy and some Celt cavalry from Magister Militum. Final purchase of the day was a copy of Uncharted Seas and two starter fleets.

I managed to play a full game of Lost Battles. This is an ancient battle simulation system that I have been looking at for some tims, I have had the book for over a year now. This was my first chance to play. The game was Zama, I played the Romans (with alot of help). The Romans won after moving Masinissa's Numidians around the Carthaginian right flank and passing three rally tests. I enjoyed the game alot and I will try to use the system more.

The big hit for me and Charlie has been Uncharted Seas. I started painting the 20 ships of our Dwarf and Orc fleets on Sunday, I finished them on Tuesday night. This is a record for me. We had our first game last night, we got a great chunk of the rules wrong but had a lot of fun. I got completely stuffed. Charlie played Orcs and bludgeoned his way through my fleet. I think the Dwarfs need a bit more finesse !

Here are a few pictures of the painted ships. I hope to play a couple more games this week.


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