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The ACW Project

A couple of years ago I bought two boxes of Perry ACW Infantry. They sat in my lead/plastic pile for a long time. After starting to paint some Victrix and Perry Napoleonics I became a bit daunted and so took out the ACW's.

I have now managed to paint four boxes of the plastic infantry figures, half as federals and half as rebs. I like to have paired armies, then I can play games at home with no need for anybody to bring along figures.

Here are a few pictures of my first brigade of confederates:

I am planning to use "They can't Hit an Elephant..." from Too Fat Lardies.

I have painted some brigadiers and will post pictures soon. Next on the list are some Perry artillery for both sides, then some confederate cavalry and lots more infantry.

The plan is to have about 40 stands (4 figs each) of infantry, two brigadiers, 1 divisional commander, 2 or 3 guns and a 6 stand cavalry regiment (of 2 figures each with separate dismounted stands) for both sides. Hopefully I can get this…