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WoTR Ready to Paint

I have now assembled, based and undercoated all 120 figures for the first part of the project. I have organised them into units as show in the photograph.

I know that there are only 118 figures in the picture, I had two casualties as I set up. I have painted a few of the fully armoured nobles already as they need no livery colours. I have been researching the livery colours and badges that I am going to get started with. They are as follows:
Yorkists: Edward IV – Blue and Murrey, Sun in Splendour George, Duke of Clarence – Blue and Murrey, Bull (Black) Richard, Duke of Gloucester – Blue and Murrey, Boar (Blck) or White Rose William, Lord Hastings – Murrey and Blue, Lion in Yellow Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers – Green, Trefoil in Yellow Sir John Howard, Duke of Norfolk – Red, Lion Rampant in white Sir William Fiennes, Lord Saye and Sele – Orange and Red – based on shield ! Or White ? Unicorn Head badge ? Sir William Blount – Blue, Sun Bursts in Yellow ? John Bouchier, Lord Berners – …

Wargaming the War's of The Roses

It is all the fault of those Perry twins! I keep on seeing blog posts, forum entries and magazine articles about their plastic Wars of the Roses figures and I want them.

So before buying any I thought that I had better start to understand these "wars".


So, what books do I have. Well I hoard books so I already had some. But of course why read those when I could buy new books. So I bought two books on the military history of the wars. First John Sadler's "The Red Rose and the White". Then Philip Haigh's "The Military Campaigns of the Wars of The Roses". Read them in double time. Both very good, Haigh has the edge in writing style and detail but Sadler tries to bring in more of the first hand experiences of the politics and the fighting.

Then I pulled out the Terry Wise men at arms book, the WRG Armies of-the middle ages book, the army lists (WRG, FOG, Impetus). More army and troop type information.

So I have enough knowledge to be d…