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Experiment with Dux Bellorum for Ancients

I picked up wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 70 the other day. On page 34 there is an article on using Dan Merseys Dux Bellorum dark ages rules for ancient games by Allen E Curtis. I have had a number of excellent games using these rules for their intended period so I thought I would give them a try with Ancients.
I set up a 6x5 table with figures representing Syracusans and Spanish from the mid 3rd century BCE.
Here is a view of the Syracusans 
This a view of the Spanish line.
I started by taking the standard troop types from the book.
I treated Hoplites as ordinary Shieldwall  I  classified one unit of Hoplites as Companions (representing the tyrant and his elite mercenary guards). I decided to try out some Gauls? I used the special rule for fanatics to cover these. Greek style cavalry were treated as ordinary riders. Greek style light cavalry were treated as mounted Skirmishers with javelins. I made up a standard 32 point army using 6 units of Hoplites, two of Gauls and one each of he…