Ancients - Hellenistic Command

A command stand for 2nd/1st century BCE Mediterranean/near eastern types.

Victrix figures, LBMS transfers for flags and shields. Need to work on my shield transfer technique a bit; not entirely happy with these.

Nobles for Wars of the Roses

Here are some pictures of nobles for WOTR. All Perry; mostly from the plastic Men at Arms box with some metals. These are the guys with coats of arms on their surcoats (were they called that in the 15th century?).

Designs are hand painted for viewing at wargame distances.

First Lancastrians:

Cortenay - Earl of Devon Devon
Henry Percy - Earl of Northumberland
John De Vere - Earl of Oxford
Stafford - Earl of Buckingham
Lord Greystoke
James Butler - Earl of Whiltshire
Lord Scales
The Yorkists:
Lord Grey of Ruthin
William Bonville
Lord Ferrers
Richard Neville - Earl of Salisbury
Thomas Stanley
Lord Fauconberg
Not sure I have all of those 100% accurate but it gives me some guys to hang my bills and bows around.
WOTR collection has just over 400 figures now.

ECW - Orange Regiment

Getting back into ECW with the "For King and Parliament" by Miller and Brentnall.

Painting up a regiment of Orange coats for parliament.

This is the command stand.

Interesting experiment getting two shades of orange (coat and sash) on the drummer. Obtained by layering more pure orange on the sash.

Bicorne miniatures.

Most paint is Valejo and Army Painter. For flesh and leather I used Foundry triads.

Flag is paper with tin foil stiffener; hand painted. The cords are cut from the lance style flagpole in the Warlord ECW plastic cavalry set.

Dorylaeum With L'art de la Guerre

We have been playing L'art de la Guerre for a few months now. Having played a dozen or more 200 point “line em up and bash hell out of each other” games me and my mate Stuart had a go at a scenario last night.
I found a Warmaster Ancients scenario for Dorylaeum (1097) in Battlegames Issue 32 (by Daniel Johnson) and adapted it to the figures that I had.
Game was in 28mm Seljuks Vs Crusaders on 8X5 table.
The Crusader Vanguard is attacked by a Seljuk horde. The foot are making a camp and then defending it. Other Crusaders are straggling into line. More Crusaders are making their way through difficult terrain (The Turks beleive it impassable). They will appear on the Turkish flank.
End result; Phyrric victroy for the Crusaders. (In real battle they won but sustained more casulaties than the Turks). So, pretty close to historical.
Highlights: Count Baldwin (Commanding the Stragglers) mowing down hordes of Turks in multiple impetuous charges. Bohemond being destroyed by the Turk Vanguard gen…

Saga Saracens

Just finished painting some Saracens for a mate. Will be used for Saga etc.

I used the figures to test my new phone's camera and an improvised light box.

First the leader figure.

The leader with his entourage

Some armoured warriors

Some unarmoured types

And some archers

Light box was improvised from a shoebox, white tissue (the stuff you wrap things in) and sheets of white paper. A small desk lamp was setup each side of the light box. I think adding a third lamp above would be a good idea.

Camera is iPhone 6S with an app called Camera+.

Soldiers of God Test Game Part Two

My solo game of "Soldiers of God" continued last night. (Part One here). I documented every move, took lots of photos etc. I left it open in the Blogger app on the iPad. This morning it was all gone - MUST HIT SAVE !!!!

So in this post I will do a little write up on my thoughts on the rules.

I found that noting down every detail (as in part one) was a brilliant way to learn the rules. As I was sharing my game on the blog I felt the need to be precise so I checked each action. I think I got just about everything right. Playing Solo isn't the same as having a real opponent but it does let you take your time.
The Book

Handy A5 format. Lots of nice pictures and an Index. I couldn't find some things in the Index so not 100%, but it had most things. There is a very brief historical section, the main rules, scenarios, mini campaign, army lists and siege rules. The QRS and army roster are printed at the back just before the Index. I made up my own QRS and rosters on the comp…

Soldiers of God Test Game Part One

A week ago I bought a copy of "Soldiers of God" by Warwick Kinrade. This is my first solo game with the rules.

I selected two 150 point armies. The Crusaders had:
One 3 stand unit of holy order Knights Two 2 stand units of Knights Two 3 stand units of crossbows (2 units is not strictly legal but I don't have crusader archers yet) Two 4 stand units of men at arms (foot) One 2 stand unit of Turcopoles 3 Commanders
The rules put these into 3 "battles"
The Saracens had:
Four 3 stand units of horse archers Two 3 stand units of Ghulums Two 4 stand units of Adath (militia  spears) Two 4 stand units of archers One 2 stand unit of Arab Tribal Cavalry Two mounted commanders and one on foot Again in three "battles"
This was the deployment:

Note the cards, these drive the game.
Three cards are allocated to each side to denote their battle plan. These are allocated one per battle and they stay with that battle for the game.
As I was playing solo I selected the bat…