It's been a while

I have been feeling a bit guilty about not blogging for a while so here are a few items :-)

I am well into painting my second box of Wargames Factory Romans. When done I will have 8 units of legionarii for Impetus. Hopefully the Wargames Factory Celts will ship in the next week or two. I have two boxes on order. As these look to be less dynamic than my Warlord Games Celts I plan to use some of them to make Ligurian Auxilia for my Romans. The idea is that these guys will look more sober and ordered than the wild Celts from further north.

Charlie (13) and I have constructed a home made "Space Hulk" set from bits found on the Internet and some Plastic 40K models. This has been great fun. Rumour is that GW are re-releasing the game this year so may get that one. In the same vein I downloaded the Incursion beta rules tonight. Similar idea to Space Hulk in an underground WWWII setting. Looks interesting.

Finally for now. Just played a "refight" of Issus with the lad. We used the Neil Thomas Ancient and Medieval rules. This was the first game that we have had with these were things really made sense. They seem to work if you think big, so eight blocks of figures is 60-100,000 real men. The game was fast and fun and looked good. We got the historical outcome but it was pretty hard fought with Persian levy types passing morale rolls very well (they need 5,6 to do this in the rules and my 2 units only failed one test). The Levy held up the Companions longer than they should have (all through good dice, no issues with the rules) which kept the rest of the Persians fighting for longer than they should have.

My painting has paused for three weeks as I have been away on business but hopefully next week will see me getting Romans painted so that they are out of the way when the Celts arrive. The schedule will all go to pot after Salute (if I get there) because I will not be able to resist the new Warlord ECW plastics.

Enough for now. I will update on the painting next week and hopefully post a few pictures.


nigelb said…
i know what you mean about those english civil war plastics, afraid i will be hiding a few boxes around the house when i get home, You've done far more painting than me it appears so i better pull my finger out. Got both the 1644 and warhammer english civil war rules if you fancy a look

nigel B

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