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Painting Valiant US Infantry

Last month's Wargames illustrated came with a sprue of Valiant GI's. I have already painted up a box of these lovely figures and some more were very welcome. The sprue has 16 figures. I assembled them and decided to try and paint them to a good wargame standard as quickly as possible. I took pictures as I went along.

First off I spray painted them with Humbrol Dark Brown (29). The aim here was to start from a shade that was in keeping with the uniform as a whole.

Next I painted the jacket and gaiters in GW Foundation Deneb Stone, followed by GW Foundation Talarn Flesh.

Next the helmet was painted with Revell Olive Green (35) and the trousers with Revell Olive Brown (86)

The metal parts of the M1 rifle were painted with GW Foundation Charandon Granite whilst the shoes, scabbard and wooden M1 parts were painted GW Foundation Calthan brown.

The whole figure was washed with GW Washes Devlan Mud

16 Figures took under 2 hours, I would say about 10 an hour. Standard - will not win any priz…