Waterloo 200 Game

OK it's the 200th anniversary, so I have to give it a go.

Problem - no figures and no time.

Answer - Paper.

So I found some top-down images of every unit at Waterloo on the Junior general site:


Just look for those labelled as "Battle of Waterloo".

I printed them all out (25 or so sheets of A4 and a full ink cartridge). Laminated and cut out.

Here is an idea of what they look like on the table:

Buildings are quick assemblies of those in Miniature Wargames 386. Not that well put together, but throw-away.

Next problem is rules. There are hundreds of elements, I want to play this in 2-3 hours with two players, so about 30% of real time. That means really simple quick rules. 

I have written a one page set that I will try.

Will try to do a report on how it goes.


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