A Viking Army in Under Two Weeks!

At Salute this year I bought some of Gripping Beast's new plastic Unarmoured Dark Age Warriors. As I already had some armoured plastic Vikings from them, sitting in the plastic pile, I thought I would make myself a Viking Army. I added some archers from Crusader and got to work.

The new plastic figures are really easy to put together and I had a box full (40) ready to undercoat pretty quickly. I undercoat in brown enamels so this was done and they were left to dry.

I then set to painting in batches of 10-12. First a batch of unarmoured, then some armoured and so on; sneaking in the archers as I went.

I managed to get 1-2 hours of modelling/painting in each day. Now, 13 days after Salute I have a little army. Big enough for Dux Bellorum or Basic Impetus. Total 85 figures.

I sneaked in 3 metal GB figures that I had already painted and 12 of the plastic Vikings had been painted to double up as Gallowglas in my WotR army. So 70 figures in 13 days.

Here are some pictures (done on iPhone). Note that I used a couple of heads from the armoured box on the new figures (fit perfectly).


Phil said…
A very nice paintjob! Great looking Vikings, with impressive shields!!
Bishop Lord said…
WOW two weeks fantastic!!


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