The Wargames Room

Most wargamers long for a place to call their own, the Wargames room. I now have mine. It is not strictly speaking mine, I have to share it with the kids, but its pretty close.

I have a good sized space in my recently converted garage, with a table and plenty of storage.

Table from far end of the room, painting desk in the background. Lots of military history and rules in the book cases.

Table and storage (Kids TV and Sofa)

Storage for figures etc

The table is made up of two 6 foot trestle tables from Amazon. They are very sturdy and a bit wider than I expected at 2 foot six each.

On the table is a solo game using Black Powder and my 28mm ACW figures. These are a mix of Perry, Sash and Saber, Redoubt, Crusader and just a few Foundry.

View of the table, Two brigades and a battery each side
The Zouaves are Redoubt figures
Perry Union troops peer across the teddy bear fur field
Perry Union artillery
Front regiment is made up of Redoubt "Ragged Reb" figures
Confederate firing line of Sash and Saber miniatures
These Rebs are a mixture of Crusader and Foundry figures. Home made fences.
The game ended in a draw. Both sides had a brigade break in the same turn. With the stats I use for ACW with Black Powder the games are pretty attritional. Units tend to blaze away at each other trying to do enough damage to make a charge worth-while. (I lower the hand to hand value to 5).

Next step. Play some real games in the new room.


Baconfat said…
That is quite clever figure storage, much better than my method of dust collecting shelves.

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