WoTR Ready to Paint

I have now assembled, based and undercoated all 120 figures for the first part of the project. I have organised them into units as show in the photograph.

I know that there are only 118 figures in the picture, I had two casualties as I set up.
I have painted a few of the fully armoured nobles already as they need no livery colours.
I have been researching the livery colours and badges that I am going to get started with. They are as follows:

Edward IV – Blue and Murrey, Sun in Splendour
George, Duke of Clarence – Blue and Murrey, Bull (Black)
Richard, Duke of Gloucester – Blue and Murrey, Boar (Blck) or White Rose
William, Lord Hastings – Murrey and Blue, Lion in Yellow
Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers – Green, Trefoil in Yellow
Sir John Howard, Duke of Norfolk – Red, Lion Rampant in white
Sir William Fiennes, Lord Saye and Sele – Orange and Red – based on shield ! Or White ? Unicorn Head badge ?
Sir William Blount – Blue, Sun Bursts in Yellow ?
John Bouchier, Lord Berners – Yellow and Green, Bouchier knot in white
Sir Humphrey Bouchier, Lord Cromwell – Black and Green, Badge ?

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick – Red, Ragged Staff in White
Sir Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter – White and Bloody, Wheat Ear in Yellow
Sir John DeVere, Earl of Oxford – Orange, Boar (Black)
Sir John Neville, Lord Montague – Red and Black, Griffen in Yellow
William, Viscount Beaumont – White, Broom Cods in Green
Sir Richard Tunstall – Black and White, Cockerel in ?

All of these nobles appear to have been at the battle of Barnet on 14th April 1471. The information is mainly from "Standards, Badges and Livery Colours of the Wars of the Roses" by Pat McGill and Jonathan Jones.

The first retinue on the painting table will be King Edward's, attired in Blue and Murrey (purplish-red).  I will probably use Lord Berners for the other Yorkist retinue here as they do otherwise seem to have a lot of Blue and Murrey.

For the first Lancastrian retinue I will go with Warwick's, followed by Exeter.

The mercenaries are a problem. They were supplied by Burgundy but were probably Flemish. I could put them in cool Burgundian Blue and White with a red cross. But, my guess is that they would have had Edward's livery to make it clear to all who they belonged to on the battlefield. So I will paint them up in Edward's colours.

Next time I should have some figures painted.


James Brewerton said…
looks like a great army, looking forward to following your progress
Peace James
Off to a strong start with them all assembled! I my self have just finished one box, eagerly awaiting the mounted men at arms to arrive!! Good luck and would like to see the finished products.

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