Black Powder in 6mm

I now have a quorum of 6mm Austrians and Franco-Bavarians. I have been through all of my Adler figures and painted everything in sight.

This came about because I played a couple of games with some lovely 18mm AB figures. Really inspired by this but daunted by the lead time and expense of doing 18mm. Then I remembered the mass of painted and unpainted Adlers that I have. Quite a few French, some Austrians and lots of unpainted; French cavalry, Austrians of all sorts and a Bavarian "brigade".

So they are now painted and I am on my third solo game with Black Powder and have just ordered some more figures from Adler.

My next post will cover my thoughts on using Black powder for solo games.

Attached are some pictures. I am using two stands for standard size units at the moment. This works fine, I will go up to three stands when I get more painted. Three stands on a 40mm per stand frontage is about the same as 6x28mm stands of the same frontage at the scale I play. I play 6mm Black powder in CM instead of Inches.

Thanks for looking.

Some Austrian Grenadiers have just gone haring off towards the nearest French after a blunder.


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