Loving Black Powder

I dug out some 6mm Napoleonics last night and took them to the club for a Black Powder game.They are based for "Warmaster" on 40x20mm stands. We used them in 3 stand units (about 30-36 Infantry, 9-12 cavalry, single gun) with 4 stands for large Austrian units and 2 stands for small units (rifles and Austrian grenadiers). We converted distances to centimetres and played with 4-5 brigades/side (20-25 units) on a 6x4 foot table.

All worked perfectly and I am planning to paint and base the mass of 6mm Adler figures that I have had in a box for years so that we can play bigger games.

I am really getting into these rules now. I must say that as written they work very well for Napoleonics and the measurements were the only thing that we changed in last night's game. It looked right, played as I would expect a napoleonic battle to play out and was fast enough to for a club night.

We are even bringing around a couple of sceptics who initially didn't like the order system.

Having played two games with smaller figures (15mm on an 8X6 and the one described above) this week, both using centimetre measurements, I am liking the rules more than I have done when trying to cram 28mm figures onto a 6X4 and using half distances.


I know what you mean but lets not throw out with the bath water, it still works pretty good in 28mm too and it looks very pretty. dave and i had a couple of games friday and worked very well

both won one and got two games in an afternoon
The Belgian, said…
Nice blog! Certainly one that I'm keen to follow up!


James Brewerton said…
I agree my Dad and I have just fallen in love with the BP rules for the SYW.
Check us out www.sywbpsmoke.blogspot.com

Peace James

BTW nice blog am following you now

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