Rank and File C2 Playtest

We tried out some command and control rules with Rank and File last Monday evening.

The scenario had 9 regiments of Rebs attacking 6 of federals in a hasty defensive position.

The nature of the game meant that units did not need to make many order changes. When they did the system worked as we expected it to. The range of order types got a good response from the players.

In our game a very strong rebel left slammed into the federal line in successive wave attacks. These drove the defenders back and this flank belonged to johnny reb. In the centre the attacking waves were held by the union troops. On the rebel right it was a different story. Some great shooting from the federal artillery had removed two rebel batteries and a charge by two union regiments drove off a unit of confederate cavalry and was about to slam into the flank of the rebel right centre regiments when we had to call time.

The game was finely balanced when we had to stop. It looked likely that the Rebs would have been able to exit 3 units from the union table edge if they had time for two moreover. This would have fulfilled the victory conditions of the scenario. But by that time Billy yank might have rolled up their centre!

Next week I will put together a more challenging scenario with plenty of opportunity to make order changes.

I am posting this from my iPod as an experiment. When I get back to my pc I will post the latest version of the C2 rules and the scenario that we played this week.


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