Monday, 26 September 2016

Dorylaeum With L'art de la Guerre

We have been playing L'art de la Guerre for a few months now. Having played a dozen or more 200 point “line em up and bash hell out of each other” games me and my mate Stuart had a go at a scenario last night.

I found a Warmaster Ancients scenario for Dorylaeum (1097) in Battlegames Issue 32 (by Daniel Johnson) and adapted it to the figures that I had.

Game was in 28mm Seljuks Vs Crusaders on 8X5 table.

The Crusader Vanguard is attacked by a Seljuk horde. The foot are making a camp and then defending it. Other Crusaders are straggling into line. More Crusaders are making their way through difficult terrain (The Turks beleive it impassable). They will appear on the Turkish flank.

End result; Phyrric victroy for the Crusaders. (In real battle they won but sustained more casulaties than the Turks). So, pretty close to historical.

Highlights: Count Baldwin (Commanding the Stragglers) mowing down hordes of Turks in multiple impetuous charges.
Bohemond being destroyed by the Turk Vanguard general. (Would this have doomed the 1st Crusade had it been real?).

Lessons: Heavy cavalry bow beat Knights if they can shoot them up a bit before combat, otherwise they are doomed (probably obvious).
Once LH evade in all sorts of directions it is really, really hard to get them back into the game.
I need to roll higher on the dice (I was the Turk).
AdG works for scenarios - we will play more. I am really enjoying these rules.

Managed to take a few pictures.